“I believe more in YOU, than you do.” JT Foxx

It’s only been a month since 17 May 2017 and now this date is memorable. At a free event, Mega Speaker Johannesburg, my life change, in just 1 day! I am so grateful to be able to share my (so far) short, but powerful, journey with JT Foxx.

The whole world should know how one sincere man transforms ordinary people and entrepreneurs so they can excel. JT is successful because his heart is in his business and his business is in his heart. He is powered by our success and wants to start a chain reaction to change the world, one person at a time.

I saw a very appealing Facebook advertisement regarding female speakers and coaches. I had never seen any Facebook marketing from the JT Foxx Organisation before. Just a few months earlier I almost went for an interview to expand myself, to be a radio presenter. But my gut said’ “No, wait. You were born to be on stage. Better is yet to come”.

It was a difficult time for me. The evening before the event, I sat in front of my laptop ready to write the email to confirm the cancellation of my free registration, but I just froze.

I went to my studio, Modern Jive Dance Club and again had a wonderful class, instructing, dancing and having fun with a dynamic group of teenagers. A few of those teens were in my Grade 1 class (then only 7 years old) from a few years ago, when I was still a full time teacher. Our motto in class was: “Because I can, because I can, because I CAN, CAN, CAN!!!” So if any child would ever say, I can’t, The whole class would chant together, “….because YOU CAN, CAN, CAN!!! I can’t, doesn’t exist in my vocabulary. I still smile when I think of JT’s impersonation when people tell him, “I can’t” which he repeated a few times through the event. Each time, I could hear my class chanting…

After dance class, while driving back home, I knew I could, and wanted to still do and give more. I felt everything in my life had prepared me for what will be happening next, but I just had to attend the event. I believe that seeing the advertisement and what is happening right now, in this season of my life, is God sent. JT’s powerful phrases “Just do it” and “Take action” now have valuable meaning to me. Also the expression “Wow”, which I have always found, to be profound, inspires me.

I trusted my gut and made the necessary arrangements for my 3 year old daughter, for the next day, while I would attend the Mega Speaker event and took the drive to Johannesburg from Pretoria.

With expectation, excitement and fear, chin up and all dressed up, (which took loads of self-encouragement, that it will all be worth it) I made it just in time. Well-organised and welcoming, the team took all the attendees through the registration process. The confirmation emails in advance was also personal and professional. I knew this will be an investment in me and my business, Modern Jive Dance Club & DJ.

Reggie Batts welcomed all attendees and passionately shared some of his valuable experiences. I was impressed; these business men and coaches are exceptional!

We stood up and welcomed, JT Foxx!!! I have never seen a picture of JT before. My first impressions will always motivate me. He was definitely dressed to impress. The perfect suit, my favourite colour blue, and his soft pink tie, were stylish and professional. I just knew this man had heart too. I will remember his sincere, almost shy, humble smile, while everyone was clapping and cheering. Also, he was much younger than I thought he would be.

The room was filled with excitement and positive energy. JT confirmed that this event was the last Mega Speaker in South-Africa and my heart skipped a beat, relieved that I trusted my gut. I made notes like crazy, and didn’t want to miss a thing. I also did some networking during the breaks, which was great.

Then JT asked “Who would like to be on stage with me…” I jumped up with excitement (not hesitating for a second) but I was the only person (over a thousand people in the room) that was out of my chair jumping up and down (I must have said something like “me Lezelle”, luckily I didn’t scream from the top of my lungs) but the crowd, cheered and clapped. Thank goodness! I blushed and I think JT was also surprised by what just happened and called for a security code 4, while joking about it and asking his gentle giant Zeus Zakhele, his VIP protection, to keep an eye on me. At that point, I don’t know who blushed more, me or JT. Thank you for, just being human JT.

JT Foxx reminded me to remember the WHY in my business and taught me to focus on the RESULTS. A renewed sense of gratitude for the now, after almost 7 years of being an entrepreneur, overwhelmed me, with all the other valuable coaching, strategies and tips. JT Foxx is a straight shooter and shares his success only to empower others and change lives. Those who are willing to sacrifice will reap the fruits.

During the event JT also confirmed that he used to stutter. Having a teacher’s heart, JT earned my respect for his determination and guts. Then JT said: “I never do my best, I do whatever it takes” and there was light! I have always done my best, but to do whatever it takes is a mind shift. You are not alone and will have the support and guidance of your coaches. To be the best, we must learn and be inspired by the best.

Now, when the going gets tough, I just repeat JT’s powerful words a few times. “Whatever it takes” and finish my thought with a verse I hold near to my heart, Jeremiah 29:11 “…plans to give you hope and a future”. JT also confirmed he is Catholic and I admire him for sharing his faith, without forcing any religion on anyone. Thank you for giving so much back JT Foxx. Be blessed and safe, to do even more, WOW.

I have invested in the JT Foxx Signature Programme. The coaching on these CDs is priceless. Thank you JT Foxx and your coaches for this valuable programme. I have also started writing my book (WOW – YEAH!) My network is also growing daily, with JT Foxx’s #FamilyFirst . As JT says: It only takes, 1 person, 1 deal and 1 opportunity.

I am looking forward to attending all events possible with the JT Foxx Organisation and will definitely invest in coaching in the near future.

Yesterday I didn’t have a blog! Thank you so much, Ilze, my dear friend, and owner of, Lilly Live. I appreciate your support and creative work, with all my heart. I love you my friend.

Keep an eye on my blog, to see with whom I will share a stage first =)

Together all the #FamilyFirst, will change the world. Thank you JT Foxx for changing my life. I will do whatever it takes.
Lezelle Her Lion Heart
Modern Jive Dance Club & DJ